Have you ever thought, “When was the last time I took care of me?” We often get into the routine of life and doing for others without realizing we aren’t feeding ourselves. Everyone NEEDS self-care time, regardless of lifestyle.

I struggle with anxiety. Although anxiety is a topic I rarely discuss, it challenges me on a daily basis. Neglecting myself only made life harder to deal with. I decided that the best way to manage my anxiety was to take better care of myself.

Here are a few of my personal self-care techniques that I really enjoy.

Thing 1

I met with a dietician. Since changing to a meatless lifestyle, I have experienced the good and the bad. Instead of continuing to try to figure it out on my own, I took advantage of the free tools my health care provider offered and got help. There, I received useful tips and easy lifestyle changes that fit in with my current health goals. It really felt good taking that step for my health. It provided some stress relief that I wasn’t even aware I needed.

Thing 2

Meeting with the dietician led me to start using Pinterest again. She recommended I start cooking more and I have always hated cooking.  I knew I needed balanced meals in my life, and Pinterest showed me that I actually like to cook. The recipes are so easy to follow and I enjoy trying new things. I have become opened to different flavors that are amazing. If you want to see what I’m making, follow me on Pinterest @KortInTheCity.

Thing 3

I started reading again. Not just reading, but making my reading space a relaxing one where I can read out loud. That is very soothing and it also helps with my fear of public speaking. I often become a nervous wreck when speaking in front of small groups of people. I start sweating like I’m in a race, and Mystikal and I are both competing for fastest talker. I had to learn to self manage my speaking pace and this was the perfect solution.

Cutting myself off for a few moments gives me the alone time that I am in desperate need of and takes me to the best place mentally, which truly brings me joy.

I really didn’t realize that I was neglecting myself. Those small changes brought major change in my life, which improved my overall health. Self-care doesn’t have to look the same for everyone, but everyone should 100% do something for self as often as they need!