Hear ye, hear ye! Your girl is finally here with some tips and tricks for traveling to Mexico… Well maybe not tricks buttttt… you know, whatever your life is lol.

I’m excited about this post, you know, the kind of excited you get when someone compliments your dress and you can tell them that it also has pockets… yeah, it’s like that! I just really love talking about traveling because like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I want everyone to travel.

Let’s start things off by saying I am ALWAYS down for a payment plan. Tuh! I’m definitely not living the lifestyle of the rich and famous so your girl is always down for a payment plan.

Cheapcarribean.com made it easy and affordable. I booked my trip four weeks before my departure date and I was still able to set up a payment plan. Everyone that I spoke with from the company was more than helpful and the website was easy to navigate. I used this company to book my flight, resort and transportation to and from the airport.

My Stay

Before travel, I usually allow myself a couple of weeks to find a resort that I like and monitor the reviews on different sites for what feels like my entire life. Very early in my search I came across Platinum Yucatan Princess Adults Only All-Inclusive Resort located in Riviera Maya, Mexico and I was in love. Staying in Riviera Maya was cheaper than staying in Cancun or Cabo, so this was the best option for me. The resort was about 45 minutes away from the Cancun airport and they offered everything that I could ask for in a resort. They even offered a deluxe package that provided the option to upgrade your stay. That came with a VIP check-in area, top shelf alcohol during the entire stay, multiple free gifts, a free mini bar that was restocked daily and the option for a balcony or a swim out room that allowed you to leave your room and walk straight into the pool. This was my first time staying at an adult only resort and I really enjoyed the relaxing time the resort offered.


Traveling While Vegetarian

Sometimes my dietary restrictions make it so that during travel, I have limited options. I have come to usually expect that, for a few days, I will mostly be surviving off of fruit, fries and lots of water. This resort had multiple restaurants that were willing to accommodate my meatless request and would even create dishes especially for me. I also had all the guacamole I could eat, because what is life without guac? I mean really, I love guac.



Excursions while travelling can be tricky because I’m cheap and I’m always looking for the best price. Before leaving the airport, I was offered the option to purchase both of the excursions that I had my heart set on, and for cheaper price through a company named Cancun Adventures. There was a catch though, I had to agree to tour one of their new properties the next day. In exchange for 90 minutes of my time, more like 4 hours of it, I was able to visit a beautiful, new resort and purchase the two excursions that I wanted for $40 pp. The company also provided free transportation to and from the presentation, free breakfast, a bottle of tequila, a t shirt and transportation to and from the excursions.

The next day I was able to visit the Chichén Itzá Mayan Ruins and Cenote Suytun. Free lunch was also provided because going to both of those places, made for a very long day.


This was a great win because of the price. I had great tour guides who were fun and enjoyable. The trip overall was an enjoyable time, but there are a few things to consider when booking things outside of your resort or the company you booked your trip through:

  1. The “90-minute” presentation was just like your typical timeshare pitch. I was able to view nice properties and I was offered multiple mimosas, but it took way longer than expected and I was over it. It did give me the opportunity to bond with a few amazing women in the bathroom because we were all over it and kept meeting up in the bathroom to get away lol.
  2. The resorts are against booking things through outside companies and don’t allow them to pick-up in the lobbies. To attend the presentation, I was advised to tell the resort I was going downtown so they would get a cab for me. Once inside the cab, I presented the cab driver with a voucher and told him my real destination. I also had to walk to the main road to be picked up to go on the excursions. It was such a sneaky process.
  3. Last, but not least, I was advised the excursion time was from 7:30am-2:30pm. That was not true. Once I got on the bus, I was advised travel time alone was 3 hours to and from. I left the resort at 7:30 am and did not return until after 9 o clock that night.