Mic check 1, 2… ok, this thing works! I know it’s been a little while since I have posted and I can explain lol. Sometimes things can get a little crazy and that is when you have to take a step back and make sure you are your happiest.

So let’s talk about what’s been going on. About 6 months ago I went to pick up my birth control prescription and found out the brand had been switched. I was told the new brand was the exact same as the old brand, so I would notice no differences…. yeah, that was a lie. As soon as I started taking the new brand I immediately started to get sick. I felt nauseous every day, major migraines and I felt like I could go crazy every second of the day. I was always so worked up and anxious. Any little thing just made me snap. Then on top of all of that, I was always crying because I really just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t control my emotions the way I wanted to, or actually needed to.

Once I put things together, I realized my new birth control was causing the crazy emotions. I then decided to change my routine. I  started taking my birth control at night, hoping I could sleep through the trash feelings and wake up refreshed and ready to go…. Nope, that just had me waking up sick and depressed.

After about 2 months of trying to get my body used to the new pill, I woke up one morning with the worst cramps in my lower abdomen, private area and butt(yes, my butt). I could barely move. After it happened a second day in a row, I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN. I went in for multiple test and discussed my concerns about my birth control making me sick for the past 2 months. Guys, this is where something happened and I realized the medical professionals I have been seeing, have not been listening to my concerns for years. I was told that the cramping was not a result of the new birth control, they saw nothing wrong in any of the tests that they ran and that birth control just makes people sick, that’s just something that happens. I also was met with similar responses from 2 prior physicians when mentioning birth control concerns.

As anyone could imagine, I was upset. Copay after copay and I was still stuck feeling like crap with little to no effort put into my concerns. That’s just what happens? Girl, no. Not anymore! I was no longer willing to just continue walking around not feeling well because “that’s just what birth control does.” After a few conversations with my spouse and other women, I realized a lot of us have had issues dismissed by multiple physicians. So I decided to do something for me and my mental health and I stopped taking my birth control and opted to focus on me by working out and eating better. I have put all of my energy into #KortInTheGym and it’s been paying off. I also am not self diagnosing. I am making the choice, to no longer put medication that I don’t need into my body. Birth control has and always will be optional for me. I just needed to understand that convenience wasn’t always the best.

So here I am now, 20 lbs lighter, not pregnant and feeling better than ever. Sometimes you just have to take a risk for yourself and take control of your mental health.