Have you ever wanted to try something new, but after all your research you decide not to because your mind only remembers the negative articles and negative opinions over the positive? Well that was me and that is how I felt about juicing. After talking and hearing about so many good things about juicing, I also had people telling me, “That’s not healthy.” “Don’t starve yourself.” “You are trying to lose weight too fast!” My thoughts of being hungry for 3 days also kept settling in my brain telling me I shouldn’t do it, because I couldn’t.

I then remembered, these are some of the same things I thought and heard when I first transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle, but I continued that journey through multiple failed attempts and now I am almost 3 years in and have no desire to go back. Often, we decide not to try because we have already made our mind up to think that failure is the only option. After all the thoughts, I took a chance on myself. Even if I didn’t succeed this time, I could continue to reach my desired health goals through methods that work for me. Oh yeah, my sister went through the process with me because it’s always better in two’s.

Some of you may be wondering what I put in each juice and the answer is nothing lol. I have no energy to juice anything myself and anytime I make my own smoothies, they usually don’t taste that well. I purchased a three day juice cleanse from Juice Bar RVA. I met the owners, Kevin and Courtney at their Golds Gym location and they were so helpful and answered every single question I had. Those two are the best! They took care of everything I needed. Turns out, juicing for 3 days was very easy for me, even with the temptation of people eating around me, I still went 3 days, just on juice and water. The flavor of each juice was very good. Some are better than others, but overall, I enjoyed the process.

A few tips:

  •        Don’t let hunger take over. As soon as I woke up, if it was not time for me to drink a juice, I was drinking water. I remained full most of the day with this method.
  •        They did let me know I was about to eat raw veggies and nuts during the cleanse…… I’m not sure if you’ve ever tasted a raw nut but it was a no for me dawg!
  •      Before trying it out, look at the health benefits and see if juicing is right for you. I am not a health professional and I am only speaking on the decision I made for myself.
  • I did not juice to lose weight, I did it to cleanse my body after cheese pizza wreaked havoc on my life!

Check them out on IG @Juicebarplantbasedhealth, tell them I sent you!